Snapchat is making it easier for developers to use viral content to directly promote their apps. Today it is launching the Creative Kit for Spotlight. At the same time, Snapchat users will be able to browse and easily download content created in those apps.

Both sides win: Snapchat gets more content on its platform, while developers are rewarded with additional downloads if an effect or tool they release goes viral. Developers can also set up topics with hashtags that will tag that content, so they can track its performance, and viewers can see everything that is done with that effect. Snap says it will not part with developers, even if your app requires a purchase to use.

Initial partners include Lightricks’ Videoleap and Beatleap, Splice, Powder and Piñata Farms. All of these apps involve authoring tools, and it’s clear that this is intended to let people discover the app in the content it helped create-a real advertisement.

While this is just the beginning of apps using Snapchat as a distributor, it has the potential to send a significant number of downloads your way – just as Snapchat’s user base tends to explode when a particular filter goes viral. In 2019, Snap estimated that between 7 million and 9 million users joined its platform because of viral face filters, such as one that made them look like babies. The same could happen with an app, which in the long run could change the dynamic between developers and traditional app stores.

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