Pinterest launched a new virtual test advertising experience. They introduced the 360° view advertising option in their platform.

As part of the campaign for the new Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV, Volkswagen ran a new interactive in-car experience, which could be activated from its Promoted Pin.

With new advances in AR and VR, we could be getting closer to the ‘touch and feel the product yourself’ in many ways. After this Ad, users were 28% more likely to buy a new vehicle in the first 90 days of a launch. While they are also 31% more likely to buy a new SUV model.

This is an exciting development for Pinterest on two fronts. The promotion is leaning toward enhanced virtual experiences, which will become a part of online shopping.

It’s also interesting to note that Pinterest is looking to facilitate commercial deals with creators by providing paid promotional opportunities to influencers. Every social app is trying to find the best ways to provide monetization opportunities for its top creators to keep them aligned with their platforms.

It may be worth giving the platform and its updates a fresh look the rest of the year.

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