YouTube will begin testing a new feature that will allow viewers to buy products directly from live videos. This will initially launch with just a handful of creators, and will be an expansion of the integrated shopping experience that YouTube began beta testing earlier this year.

YouTube tested live shopping with a one-day shopping event focused on small businesses.

The platform has for years been a powerful tool for product discovery. More than 2 billion monthly logged-in users flock to the service to watch product reviews, demos, unboxings and other content that could inspire future purchases.

YouTube bought Indian video shopping app Simsim to further integrate video shopping experiences into its own platform. Google has also integrated video shopping into its shopping search business.

The expanded video shopping experience integrated into YouTube was announced today along with other new Google Shopping features, including the addition of a new section that organizes deals and sales in the Google Shopping tab, which will be free for merchants who want to be featured.

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