Google has announced a number of new Smart Bidding features. We’ll summarize them in four short bullets:

“Top Signals” for more conversion goals.

Top signals include features like device type, keywords, time of day, and more. As ads run, Google will try to figure out which of those aspects contribute the most to achieving your marketing goals.

It seems that many advertisers have found the “top signals” feature useful, so Google will also show those when running search campaigns using the target ROAS and max conversion values.

Seasonality sales can be configured at the admin account level.

Seasonality settings is a feature that allows you to tell Google’s algorithm if it should expect significant changes in conversion rates as a result of a promotion or sale you are running.

This feature can now be configured at the manager account level. Previously, it could only be done per individual account.

Reminders to use bidding to maximize conversion value.

Google believes that using the max conversion value bid will benefit search campaigns more. Therefore, they have decided to include it as a recommendation in these search campaigns more frequently.  So be ready to get spammed by google even more.

“Predict” how changing bids will alter the performance in search campaigns.

Simulators are an Adwords feature that allows you to predict how different bids will affect ad performance. “Predict” is now available with search  target impression share campaigns.For the majority of us in the niche, the goal is to know how to control and lower the CPA, or the cost incurred to get each conversion. Automatic bidding can stand in stark opposition to that goal. Make sure don’t automate all the new features just in case!

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