Spotify announced the acquisition of Betty Labs, the creators of Locker Room, marking the addition of live audio as part of the Spotify ecosystem.

It has been rebranded as “Spotify Greenroom.” The app includes:

  • Any user can host or participate in live rooms
  • Recording, to complement your on-demand content with live conversations
  • Full chat control to enhance the experience

People can join groups, search for upcoming rooms, join rooms and create them.

They are not the only ones looking to improve their app for the interaction of podcast creators and their audience.

Facebook began to venture into this world of podcasts too. They plan to begin rolling out its podcast product next week, on June 22, and eventually add a feature that will allow listeners to create clips of their favorite shows.

Hosts can link their show’s RSS feed to Facebook, which will automatically generate news feeds for all episodes posted going forward. These episodes will appear in a “podcasts” tab. In addition, podcasters can decide whether to enable clips, which the company says will be created by listeners and will be up to one minute in length. Short clips have been a key way for Twitch streamers to share moments from their lengthy broadcasts, and Facebook seems to be hoping the same idea can be applied to podcasts.

Both platforms will compete to reinvent (in a way) live audio interaction. We hope to soon see our favorite podcasters trying out these platforms to be able to interact with them in a more direct way, and how they can leverage it to connect more genuinely to their audience.

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