The Bing Content Submission API is now available to everyone.

You can now submit your content and HTML directly to Bing Search without crawling.

Microsoft has opened up its Bing Content Submission API after more than two and a half years of being in private beta. It is different from Bing’s URL Submission API in that the Content Submission API allows you to submit not only your URLs, but also your content, images, HTML and more directly to the Bing index.

The API offers the ability for webmasters to notify Bing directly of changes to their site’s content in real time.

Bing says it not only helps you get your content and pages into Microsoft Bing Search faster, but it will also “reduce BingBot’s crawl load on your sites.”

How to get started. Microsoft says you’ll need to request an API key within Bing Webmaster Tools. This API key can be generated from within Bing Webmaster Tools.

Why we care. Not only does this solution help speed up the indexing of new or updated URLs, like the content submission API it provides, but it also prevents crawling of that content and allows you to submit it directly to the search engine. This solution may be something you want to try on your sites and see if it makes a big difference in indexing and your server resources.

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