And speaking of undisputed champions. TV advertising can now be reached in a different way, as 40% of ad impressions on YouTube occur on TV screens.

By some estimates, YouTube was already the biggest seller of TV ads last year.

Some large advertisers have been slow to move their TV budgets to YouTube. Content quality is also a major hurdle for TV advertisers. And while YouTube’s vast library of user-generated content is great for growing viewership, advertisers have to worry about safety and brand appropriateness more than they would on traditional TV. Even if you have ads intended for a certain audience you could end up appearing on a family’s screen, even if your target is just one member of the family.

As YouTube CTV viewership increases and linear TV viewership decreases, it will be harder for TV advertisers to justify abandoning the platform. While there likely won’t be a mass migration from smaller screens to TV sets, as there was during the pandemic, CTV viewing is likely to continue to gain traction.

And now, knowing that ads can be shown worldwide on all types of video, regardless of whether content creators are part of the Partner Program or not. You’ll have greater reach; your ads will be seen by more people, and most likely, on your own television.

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