Previously, YouTube only showed ads on videos that were part of its Partner Program, in which creators earned a percentage of advertising revenue.

To put this in context: being part of YouTube’s Partner Program required creators to meet certain criteria. This meant that those who couldn’t meet the requirements would see ads in their videos without being compensated. Youtube tested it since TALFECHA In Usa and even if many creators were outraged they blabla worldwide today.

Good for advertisers: This change may be tough for creators, but it’s good news if you have a business that had (or plans to have) YouTube advertising. Now, there are more videos available to show your Ads.

It’s also possible that CPMs will be lower (at least temporarily) as the “supply” of videos increases. This will depend on the number of videos on which YouTube is willing to show ads.

Youtube doesn’t seem to be worried about the temporary drop in CPMs, after all, if it goes down, people post a lot more, increasing their total Ad Global revenue. It is the most used video platform on the Internet, it is the undisputed champion for the last fifteen years, they don’t have much to worry about.

In addition to the increase in the number of videos available for Ads, TV Advertising is also improving… It’s not crazy to say that they are also getting closer to being the champion of Tv Advertising, read about it in the following blog.

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